About the brand


De bril voor de kenner.

100% Buffelhoorn "elke bril is uniek"

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Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

HOFFMANN natural horn frames are eyeglasses for connoisseurs and lovers of that special one of a kind item. Natural horn’s harmonious colors and self-willed fibrous structures are very characteristic.

Each horn is a one-of-a-kind created only by nature. The chromatic spectrum of colors are of light transparency over white, brown tones and anthracite coal to black.

Particularly beautiful colored horn comes from very old water buffalos with big horns. Therefore, not one spectacle is like another. Every spectacle is as individual in character as its owner. HOFFMANN natural horn frames set accents and are also used as high-quality fashionable accessories.

Generating a modern stylistic idiom, by traditional handicraft. The design of the HOFFMANN ophthalmic frames in natural horn has only little in common with the conceptions of classical horn eyeglasses.

Form and color design have its roots clearly in the new millenium. Thus the styles range from filigree to outstanding.