About the brand

Serengeti.. top of the range performance, elegance, protection and style!

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Born in Florida in 1985, the Serengeti brand was immediately positioned in the top end polarized sunglasses market due to its unique combination of lens features and major innovations:

- Photochromic technology
- Anti blue-light technology
- Spectral Control technology
- Polarized filter absorbing 100% of reflected light

With such technical qualities, Serengeti sunglasses are naturally suited to driving and aviation and are recommended by ophthalmologists.

Going beyond technical performance. Serengeti always knew how to support its innovations with stylish, timeless and elegant frames for the discerning wearer. Serengeti has recently added a fresh, dynamic Sport line as well as a luxury line for women.

Worn for many years by ambassadors of international fame (Val Kilmer, Peta Wilson, Patrich Dempsey, Alain Prost, James Denton), Serengeti combines all the qualities which you look for in your sunglasses: performances, elegance, protection and style!